Popular YouTuber, Kaheva, has revealed that China made secret recordings of Bill Gates during his frequent visits to the country and kept a file of his deepest secrets.

These secrets include his secret love child and secret recordings of his visits to Jeffrey Epstein, which were also in US secret service hands.

Kaheva said:

Bill Gates visited China frequently. His interpreter was Shelly Wang.

A spy cam was installed in Bill Gates private jet and everything was filmed, all the information was delivered to Chinese intelligence agency,.

The information about Bill’s hidden child was also included and the Chinese government got bill by the balls.

Bill had nothing to do but act as the evangelist of the Chinese Communist Party, and Chinese communism. That’s why Bill Gates said that the Chinese Communist Party will save the world.

You should know the intelligence agency of every country checks all the activities of not only the country’s ministers, but also the CEOs of big companies.

The reason is that a company can commit treacherous behavior. To check the big entrepreneur is illegal and legal.

When Trump was the president, he was also reported the details about Bill through the Intelligence Team, the US Intelligence Agency, also had to keep Bill’s private life, but they agonized seriously as they saw Bill Gates, being exploited by China.

Trump loved America.

Trump was a president who was a former businessman like Bill Gates, he thought that he will surely be able to persuade Bill Gates, so He indirectly warned, Bill, not to be used by China.

However, Bill attacked Trump. Instead, he did an anti Trump campaign.

Of course, beside Bill were his security teams. These teams consisted of the people who had submitted resignation to CIA.

Bill didn’t take these people with him when he visited China, not only Bill’s secret bank account, but also his bio data and predicted the age of death or handed over to China.

So, when Bill Gates’s divorce was announced, 2 trillion  worth of stocks were immediately handed over to Melinda.

There are many reasons to this, I’ll cover this next time.

The US intelligence agency was concerned about Bill’s decision to serve the interests of the enemy, an act of treason.

And they knew that it’s only Melinda and his family, who can control Bill.

Melinda was provided with the facts about the hidden details of Bill Gates, but not even 1/10 was provided.

A person does not change, till death. A human being does not repent, till death.

Melinda and their children will try to defend, Bill Gates, however, Bill’s property will be tied and his honor, will be damaged.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.