Award winning musician Sandra Ndebele revealed that her husband is very supportive amid speculations that they had divorced due to her suggestive pictures.

This comes aftermost people asked whether she was still married when they saw her pictures on social media.

She said her husband is a modern man.
“He is not the old age and jealousy type that would stop an artiste from doing her work. He has been supportive throughout.

“Ask people in Bulawayo and they will tell you that we are always together. When we went to take those pictures he was there and was directing some of the poses.”

” We now have a professional photographer and that has enhanced the quality of images.”
Sometimes when my hubby sees me in a good mood or stunning outfit, he just calls the photographer and the photoshoot begins promptly. I love the way he supports my endeavours.”

Since Sandra Ndebele began posting seductive pictures of her transformed physical figure, admirers, lusty men and haters have been stampeding for her attention in varying proportions.