Mother to the late music icon Paul Matavire opened up to the struggles she is facing and wished if her son’s royalties were given to her to buy basic commodities.

She revealed this during an interview by ZBC.
She said:
“I am pained. I wish they would play his music and give me the royalties so that I can buy basic food. They are enjoying his music at my expense. Whenever I hear his songs play in the towns I go outside to sit alone,”
the Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association, Ms Polisile Ncube addressed the issue of Paul Matavire’s royalties.

She revealed that the late musician did not leave a will hence his royalties were being paid to his daughters.
She said:
“With the Matavire issue the situation is that when he died he did not leave a will. So, as ZIMURA, we had to ask the relatives to sit and decide who should benefit from royalties and his family decided that his three daughters were going to be the beneficiaries.
“If the mother is aggrieved about the daughters, she should approach the family members and they can change that. The Zimbabwe Music Rights cannot change what is in the Matavire file,” she explained.
However, Nashtv and other partners pledged to help Gogo Matavire.