Self proclaimed prophet Jay Israel has publicly apologised to cleric Emmanuel Makandiwa after accusing him of being a false prophet.

Jay Israel said a man and woman approached him with information to taint Makandiwa’s name.

He said: “I looked at the evidence that they presented to me. I looked at everything and whatsoever. I ended up getting caught up in a very messed up situation. I apologise for this was not intended to be”.

Israel said Makandiwa is one of the remaining voices in our time when it comes to the prophetic.

“This is one of the prophetic voices that you cannot argue with, we can argue about different things, but when it comes to the gift of God upon his life. That is something that you cannot argue with. When it comes to the gift that he possesses”.

Jay said Makandiwa is one of the prophets he still respects in Zimbabwe.

“So I just want everybody to know that I am not all about attacking prophets and demonising prophets and everything, where there is good”.