The wife of the late former Zimbabwe Prime Minister and MDC founder , Morgan Tsvangirai, has slowed down on her ministry activities and appears to be focusing more on her business.

A Look at Locadia’s Facebook page and Instagram shows her very¬† being active and posting photos, but saying little about her church activities.

Locardia, who is now called Apostle Karimatsenga, started her church ministry four years ago, in the poorer area at the edge of Sandton.

Her ministry, #NationOfHonour, focused on healing and deliverance, and was held in a humble building.

Locardia , who rarely shows off her wealth, chose to serve the poor community, although she lives in a massive mansion and owns a fleet of luxury cars.

Locardia first showed her humble nature when she was married to Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai was forced to pay off Locardia with a reported USD $400 000, after she spent months at his rural Buhera home, while he insisted that he no longer loved her.

At the time, Tsvangirai was in love with his new wife, Elizabeth Macheka, who he eventually married in a traditional ceremony after Lorcadia Interdicted their white wedding.