Miramax visited the mysterious woman with super powers who lives with her seven husbands in harmony.

This is what she said:

This hair of mine is from the family. Even my grandmother never shaved her hair, I get my superpowers from it,  like the biblical Samson, who derived his power from his uncut hair.

She says that even her neighbors don’t understand how one can marry more than one husband, they are always shocked by her lifestyle.

She says she  chose to have more than one husband to avoid punishment from the elders.

They commanded me to produce more and more children. And I was told I should not have more than one child with one man, and that explains the reason why I had to marry seven husbands.

She says she’s not the one who chooses these husbands. Instead, she’s directed to her husband by the spiritual elders, and it doesn’t take too long to convince him to be a husband.

Sometimes when I’m asleep, I get a vision of a man, the elders do that, after learning of the man’s behavior.

After having such a vision. What I do next is look for that person. Most times the people in my visions are not always far from this area.

So I call them up here and we talk, due to my spiritual powers, no one can reject me, when I ask them to be my husband. They all agree, no one has ever rejected my proposal.

She says she has built houses for each of her seven husbands. So far, she has built seven homes for her seven husbands, and she adds that if the elders tell her to marry more, she will

I’m the one who chooses where to sleep, because I built each husband a house, I visit whoever I want and I satisfy their needs.

There is no husband who has ever complained about anything and none of them can try cheating on me, my superpowers control it before it happens, and before one thinks of it.

I have a timetable for each and every one, as they’re seven. Each one has a day that I visit his home.

I have produced six children from six husbands and there remains one husband who is yet to have a child with me.

People fear me so much that they can’t even talk to me. They wonder how I live with all these seven men and wonder how they have never ever heard a single quarrel between us, but I’m just a normal person like everyone else.

My superpowers can protect me and no one can attack me.

In a shocking display of power, the woman showed miramax a glimpse of what she can do when treating people.

She asked the elders for support and they responded in their own voices and told her what to do and say from among her horns!

A bolt of fire appeared from among the horns, to the terror of a visiting client.

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