Harare bride dumped after friends reveal secret to new husband

It is alleged that the roora squad exposed the paternity of Mpho Dube, also known as Plaxedes’ child after taking some drinks.

This happened after the roora negotiations when they were playing the confessions game.


They told Hastings, the alleged husband that the baby he has been taking care of for a long time was not his.

Hastings had to confirm if the squad was right, in deed the DNA test confirmed that the groom was not the father.

Some social media influencers had to dig deep into the story and they found the paternity father of the child known as Bryan and it is alleged that Plaxedes dumped him for Hastings because Hastings was rich.

All the hype started today when the issue leaked on social media and gossip went into overdrive with people questioning the sincerity of the one who spilt the beans.

It has been a trend to have a roora squad, wearing matching outfits and it made people on social debate if its necessary to have the squad or not.