Zizoe Pamyk real name Blessed Zingwe has posted a picture with an unknown lady on Facebook leading to suspicions that he has found love again.

Zizoe Pamyk shot to popularity with his short stinted relationship with comedian Mai Titi.

Mai Titi’s relationship with the upcoming musician ended things in a pretty dramatic way when they all left happy together going to London to do some shows and come back home but as soon as they arrived in the UK, things fall apart which resulted in them breaking up.

It was one of the nastiest breakups we have ever seen in the entertainment industry in Zimbabwe.

They aired their laundry in the public, Mai Titi went all out, she didn’t leave a thing. But now both artists have moved on and seems Zizoe has found love already after a couple of pictures getting up close and personal with an unknown lady went viral on social media.

The woman alleged to be behind social media influencer Mai Titi’s break up with her lover, Zizoe Pamyk was identified as one Dadirayi Masibanda.