Tokyo Sexwale, the popular South African billionaire businessman, has alleged that billions have been stolen from the South African Reserve Bank.

Sexwale told eTV’s JJ Tabane on Sunday night that he worked with a wealthy family to bring in the money through a fund that was set up with the knowledge of former President Jacob Zuma and current president, Cyril Ramaphosa:

I’ve worked with a lot of money, big money and so on. This fund is there, but we’re in the process of making sure that is brought into the country properly, it’s already here, but it needs to be brought into the economy.

We’ve found some resistance. And when we check the resistance. We found that part of this money has been stolen.

A police report has been made with the police, two weeks ago.

It has been raised with the Minister of Finance, even the previous minister.

Yes, is a police matter right now, because something has happened. The money should have been used for education, for health, all these things.

Response to allegations by Tokyo Sexwale

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