ZCC Covers Up Two Missing Members who were attacked by guards at Mbungo

In an apparent cover up , two members of the ZCC have been missing since being attacked at the popular church ‘s Head office at Mbungo on 26 February.

Dignity Zvitambo is missing since being attacked at Mbungo on 26 February 2021

The two men, Dignity Zvitambo and Blessing Mawonera went missing after they were attached by a group called the Jerusalema group at Mbungo.

Both Dignity and Blessing are married Dignity has a wife and two children and Blessing ‘s wife is pregnant.

Blessing Mawonera has been missing since 26 February

Chain of events

According to his relatives, Dignity was a Prophet in the church and is based at the redcliff branch of the church.

Information circulating in the church whatsapp groups is that Dignity was accused of planning to break away and form his own church.

About the ZCC in Zimbabwe

The case of the two missing men is widely known within the ZCC. However, it is not clear if the church has taken any action to find the men.

The ZCC in Zimbabwe is estimated to have at least 1 million members and is led by Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, who inherited the church from his father.

The ZCC church in Zimbabwe broke away from the original ZCC in South Africa after the Zimbabwe leaders insisted on polygamous marriages.

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