17-18 APRIL 2021



Have we made researches on other ways to acquire land and compared to government land and came up with conclusions that we are better of acquiring land from Government?


We have presented 3 models. Please click here for details. 


Which bank are we going to be using and when is it going to be active?


The bank account is now open, see below bank confirmation.


Since you planning to open an account in SA, is it possible for who can afford to pay the membership fees once off or in installments of 3 months consecutively or anyhow, But keeping in mind that our minimum subscription will remain 100usd per a month?


Once the bank account is open we will disable the YouTube payment method. All will need to pay through the bank account


Mr Gambakwe promised to share what transpired at the closed door meeting with Chris Mutsvangwa and Zanu PF. 


The meeting has been postponed and it will take place in Harare.


  • We have three signatories who are in the group one of them our Accountant who is a CA and she has her own firm. 
  • Gambakwe is solely responsible for making sure that funds are not abused. Therefore, it’s only fair that the control over access to the funds be under Gambakwe.


  • We have confidence with Mr Gambakwe but as business partners shouldn’t people work with him, especially in negotiating business proposal and bank signatories. Just a suggestion or you have elaborated on this already. This is to safeguard all of us and to ensure the smooth running of our investment even if he is held with his other businesses.
  • Mr Gambakwe encourages all members to put their spouses in the WhatsApp group.
  • Don’t you think it’s wise for us to know who are going to be the signatories and or put their CVS for us to nominate with the help of Mr Gambakwe of cause we need to know the background of people who are going to be signatories.
  • The most important thing is to know each other so that as we move together we will be one at the moment l think Mr Gambakwe has the vision of where we are going and l think its ok that we try to give him as much support as we can.
  • We all do have confidence with Gambakwe that’s why we joined his vision, I support that he controls the finances so that he protects his name as well against malpractices
  • Looking forward to hear more information which you couldn’t share on that video. Anything new, besides what you have already shared. And again thanks for updating us on the membership so far.
  • Let’s just keep our money until we have proper government in Zimbabwe. Can you imagine parents are now paying $20/parent towards teacher’s salaries. Can our hard earned money be safe when we involve those dangerous people?
  • I strongly believe in second chance, since Gambakwe is going to Zimbabwe in May, personal l don’t mind him (Gambakwe) to talking/Engaging  with the government and RBZ on our behalf.
  • It should be with great care investing in Zimbabwe. Our monies might disappear, this government is not worth trusting. The land to be bought might be water locked or pre owned.
  • I second the idea of engaging that which we call our gvt regardless, however I also suggest that while engaging we should look out for government control and refuse it at all costs cos they want to control and use us.
  • Let’s be positive and applaud your perspective. Engagement, dialogue and even suggesting to our government about:
  1. Opening a shop window for diasporians in our own country is a good first step.
  2. Giving us Zimbabweans first dips in developing our own nation. See examples from Israel, , India etc.
  3. Let’s come up with novel solutions not just be criticizing.
  • As for opening a bank account in SA. I think it’s a great idea if that will reduce our costs from YouTube. How have those who have already opened such accounts done so? SARB requirements – such source of income especially colleagues not in SA), money laundering, etc.
  • Just one other suggestion, during my time as a cooperative officer I noted:
  1. Excellent governance supervised by the parent ministry for the cooperatives. Audits etc.
  2. Possible assistance from seasoned and experienced cooperative players ( NGOs) such as those in Sweden etc, So it’s not all gloom and doom. Just listed just a handful of notable goodies. But if cause our AGM will debate the model we finally adopt.
  • This project has a big vision. Let’s not limit our scope by the individual personality focused. That’s a corruption mentality that has destroyed great ideas. Let’s focus on institutional engagements and transparent business practices.
  • Even if we acquire land by alternative means, we still need to engage the government at whatever level, local or national for licensing, planning permissions etc.
  • Someone one once said we should have an “agenda” or topic to discuss every weekend. I think having something to discuss will give us some direction and will help us refrain from engaging in political discussions. We could for example have started suggesting the name, then project ideas, etc.