What Is Gambakwe Housing Projects – Episode 2

What is it all about?


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We would like to thank those who have joined the community in the past week on YouTube.

We also had a lot of enquiries from all over the world expressing interest and  seeking clarification about the project.

Question And Answers. 

First we address the questions.

Q1 – Please explain how the Project will work.

Q2 – How long are we supposed to contribute for.

Q3 – Is my continuing going towards the acquisition of a residential stand?

Q4 – I have lost money in the past and my family is sceptical about contributory projects.

Q5 – When are you opening the whatsapp group?

Episode Summary 

Basis Of The Project

1. Gambakwe Housing Projects is based on the realization (or prediction), that there will be a trend within the next 10 years, of Zimbabweans going back home.

2. During the next 10 years, there will be changed circumstances and opportunities will arise that will need an organised community of Zimbabweans to exploit.

3. Many Zimbabweans are deeply connected to their home country, however, they lack a platform to approach and benefit from opportunities in the country.

4. Opportunities will arise primarily in the financial services, real estate, construction, manufacturing, mining, agriculture and information technology sectors.

5. The government or future governments will not be able to do everything that citizens imagine that they can do. Private groups will therefore need to self organise, discover and exploit new opportunities.

Why Gambakwe?

Gambakwe Media has a wide range of platforms and reaches over 8 Million Zimbabwe a month.

The brand is well known and is trusted.

Die to various legal reasons, it is not possible in our view to establish a collective investment scheme at this point.

Some ground work will need to be done before we launch

We have therefore decided to raise a management fee for the project of R1 Million upfront to cover all upfront and anticipated costs that will arise during the inception of the projects.


The project will result in the development of a mixed use community, with residential and business aspects.

An ownership structure will be decided after the target number of members has been reached ( Estimated to be 100 Paid up members)


Model A

The project will require cooperation with government. Under this model, once we have established a Diaspora collective investment group, an approach will be made to the Zimbabwe government to obtain land in selected areas around Zimbabwe.

This will enable the project to cater for a wider base.

Model B

If the approach to the Zimbabwe government is not successful, we will engage private sector players to partner with the Diaspora collective investment group on a commercial basis.

Model C

If models A and B are not successful, we will adopt the Kenyan approach (Self funding model).

For today I would like to end here and will take questions.

Please note that this is not a project for low income earners.


Please watch the video above this post for more details.