Tinashe Jonas Death Prophecy – Prophet P Alpha

Prophet P Alpha has this morning issued a death Prophecy on Tinashe Jonas.

Speaking on his channel this morning, Prophet P Alpha says he saw a vision in which Jonas walking in the wilderness. He looked happy and he was not worried about anything.

As he we’d walking, a lion appeared from the bush on his left and a crocodile appeared from his right and strayed to follow him.

He started to drop meet from his bag and the two animals would pick up the pieces.

At a cerian point he ran out out of meat. The Crocodile turned away, but the lion came after Jonas.

The lion jumped very high and grabbed Jonas’s leg and the vision ended.

Prophet Alpha said as he was praying, he understood that Jonas’ life is in danger.

He needs to be very careful of who is behind him. He must not feed the enemy because next time when he is not able to feed his enemy, the enemy will grab him.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.