Zimbabwe hip hop gospel musician Mudiwa Good has donated US$200 or $20 000 to a fan Mai ETHAN  who has passed on.

In a post on social Mudiwa said he doesn’t know the woman but he noticed that the woman used to comment on her posts.

He further added that he will do it consistently every year till both of her kids are 18.

NEVER met this woman but came across a lot of her comments on my posts, I was jus tagged that she is no more😭, Mai Ethan NaKuku 😭😭😭 may your soul rest in peace. She was a true fan, kindly ask people from her home to inbox details I am putting $20k or $200 USD to the 2 kids NOW. After this, Every year I owe her 2 kids 200USD…till they are 18.

May her family contact me, or friends who knew her personally. Go well Mai Ethan na Kuku, God be with your family.

Instead of mourning I am celebrating her life…God be with her kids.

Last year Mudiwa also did another kindful act and bought some strict kids a pair of shoes each.