Socialite Felistas Murata popularly known as Mai TT says a friend almost ended her marriage with Obina.

In a video on social media, the socialite says her former best friend called his husband telling him that Mai TT has a status to maintain.

Mai TT said her friend stole her husband’s phone number from her phone when she was sick and then later called Obina.

“Dou you know kuuti Amai TT has a status? What Dou you want him to do after that, you want him to leave me and then what”, said Mai TT.

She further added that what save her marriage is that her husband is someone who is very understanding.

“My husband said my wife listen, your friend called me. I don’t know what she was trying to say or where she was going but she called me to ask if I knew about your status”, she said.

Adding on, Mai TT said people are desperate out there so never trusts your friends to mingle with your patners.