Former top model Sipho Mazibuko has accused self exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo of raping her 11 years ago while she was pregnant.

Posting on her Facebook account on Friday evening, Mazibuko said efforts to report Prof Moyo, whom she said was powerful at the time, were ignored.

“Well, I was sexually abused by Professor Jonathan Moyo and was too scared to even report or tell anyone until that fateful day 11 years ago when I went and told the police at Bulawayo Central Police Station what he had done to me,” she said.

“It happened years ago but it traumatised me. The silence was deafening. It was a loud drumbeat in my mind and I caved in. My mind couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Well, I have decided to empty my closet and speak out about a man who sexually abused me when I was pregnant and went on to silence me because he was very powerful and untouchable,” she said.

Sipho Mazibuko said at the time of the incident, self-exiled former Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri was still at the helm of the police services.

“I went to the police to open a docket against these evil men who had tormented my mind with sexual and emotional abuse.

“The police recorded my statement but nothing was done to investigate my case. Till today my docket died a natural death. After my police report I was admitted and the same men made sure my admission to hospital was turned into a media curse. I was made a fool,” said Mazibuko.

“My case didn’t even see the light of day. The police did nothing to those powerful men. They continued with their lives and I languished in a mental hospital. I had given them their names in my docket but they had to be protected because they were in Government offices, they were ministers.”