Founder of United Family International Church (UFIC) Emmanuel Makandiwa says people should not believe the world leaders vaccinated on television it’s a lie.

In a video on social media Makandiwa said world leaders are decieving people because they cannot be the first ones to take a vaccine that has not been verified.

“Our leaders are not like Jesus, they are never ready to die for their people. They can’t be the first ones to receive the vaccine. Why should you be decieved”, he said.

He further added that the aim of these leaders is to eliminate the church and black people.

“Be smart. They are doing this thing by building trust and confidence. They know it’s not a once off thing. So at first you will be reluctant but u will adapt until you see side effects”, said Makandiwa.

Adding on, Makandiwa said when people begin to see the darker side of the vaccine it would be too late to restore the pattern tempered with in a human body.

“Let those who are the most affected be the first one’s to take the vaccine”, he added.