Ireland based Zimbabwean, Kettina Annania’ s meltdown continued on Facebook LIVE yesterday  with her revealing the HIV status of two other Zimbabwean women based in Ireland.

Ketina claims Saru tested positive for HIV after she went for blood tests during her pregnancy. She further claims Saru infected her Nigerian husband, Oscar.

Kettina is angry because Saru and her mother broke up her marriage with her Polish husband, Chris.

Key Points

  1. Ketina has a black baby, while her Polish ex husband is white.
  2. Ketina says she once went to Mai Saru’s house and caused a scene after Mai Saru revealedher secrets to him.
  3. She says Mai Saru is responsible for sending voice-notes to Blogger,  Evidence, in which Ketina was fighting with her mother.
  4. Ketina says Saru was spreading rumors’ that Olga got depression and became fat after her Nigerian boyfriend brought his wife to the house they shared.
  5. Ketina said she will reveal what Mai Saru said about Natasha.
  6. Ketina revealed that Saru once tried to commit suicide after she was dumped by her ex-boyfriend from Mallow.
  7. Ketina says she plans to sleep with Saru’s husband even though he has HIV.
  8. Ketina says she has Saru’s n_udes and she won’t leak them yet because she fees sorry for the kids.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.