South African woman from Polokwane Kgaogelo Busa (24) says doctors told her that her son Divine has a disorder called trisomy 23 a condition that one won’t be able to do anything.

In a video on social in I have been through the most, Kgaogelo says she had believed that her son won’t be able to walk, talk and do anything for himself.

According to her mother, Divine was born tiny, had breathing complications, too thin, did not have a waist, wrinkled skin and had a lifted up and big chest as if something was pumping it to grow.

These complications led to the worry of Divine’s mother and grandmother leading to consultations they had with doctors who in turn told them that their son would be disabled.

The only option they gave to her was that her son going to live his entire life at the hospital with oxygen and drips but Kgaogelo was against that option and discharged herself.

She added that after discharging herself, her son got sick again but could not take her to the same hospital where she discharged herself from.

Adding on, Kgaogelo said she did everything she could to make her son better and went an extra mile and consulted with traditional healers who gave her drinking and bathing medicine.

The traditional healers told Kgaogelo that her son was not disabled but was born with the bone from his father’s side who are born like that.

Furthermore, Kgaogelo said with all these frustrations she started developing hate towards his son.

“I would sit with him, I would play with him but deep down I didn’t love him because he not a vision of what I had I mind or what I wanted”, she added.

She said there were days where she would pray to God to take Divine away but there were God sent angels who always advised her not to give up on his son.

“Don’t let the words of what the doctors at the hospital get to you, play with Divine the way you would have played with him if he was born normal”,she was told.

Kgaogelo said with such people by her side she started having hope and loving his son again. In November 2018 when Divine was 1 year 9 months he started walking and even today he can do anything for by himself.