Zimbabwe International Award Winning journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, says he has won two battles out of many that he has lost and got his passport and lead lawyer back.

In an interview with SABC news the investigative journalist said her lawyer was removed illegally from his case because there was no law or power given to the magistrate to do so.

He added that he had also applied for his passport to go to London for medical reasons but the judge denied and gave him an option to go to Gauteng in  South Africa with restricted movements.

Chinono said he does not know the reason behind the restriction on his travel but he accepted it and will go to South Africa.

“I do not understand the logic behind it, because the idea of holding one’s passport is that they are a flight risk and they might leave the country”, said Chinono.

Furthermore the journalist added that the whole legal is happy that their lead lawyer is back to lead the team.

“Beatrice Mutetwa is a Brilliant lawyer thats the reason why they removed her from the team. They understood that she is a brilliant lawyer and I’m happy to have her back”, he added.

The journalist is facing charges of inciting public violence and he refers to his charges as twigs that he was arrested for last time and are meant to instill fear to other journalists.

He was arrested on the 3rd of November for the second time after exposing corruption.

“It’s a tragedy that as a journalist I don’t feel safe anymore, I feel intimidated by the state and the state abuses it’s power by arresting me”, he added