Zimbabwe’s Vice President, Kembo Mohadi’s “marriage” to his second “wife” Juliet Mutavhatsindi has reportedly ended, with the wife running away from the matrimonial home.

Sources close to the Vice President reported that Mutavhatsindi had irreconcilable differences with Mohadi forcing her to flee their “matrimonial” house.

“She left the VP (Mohadi) in a huff. I am not sure what triggered the breakup but it has been a while now since they parted ways.

“The challenge with these younger women is that they still want to enjoy life. They are free-spirited.

“Being married to a vice president needs a lot of maturity and decorum. There is a need to undergo etiquette training required and she lacked such,” the source said.

While VP Mohadi is 71, Mutavhatsindi is believed to be in her early 30s.

Paradoxically, however, Mohadi’s second wife has never been introduced, publicly, as his wife but in October 2018, she admitted to sleeping with the VP while he was still married to Senator Tambudzani Bhudagi Mohadi (nee Muleya).

Mutavhatsindi was likened to Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky by an anonymous political analyst.

He said the world over, trophy wives tend to be associated with drama:

“The challenge is, if you get a trophy woman, she is bound to create some sort of drama. It has happened elsewhere, look at how Monica Lewinsky destroyed Bill Clinton’s decorated political career.