Some female friends and relatives of the late Mitchell ‘Moana’ Amuli’s mother, Yolanda Kuvawonga , have disrupted the burial proceedings this morning.

Moana’s step mother faints at the funeral palour

The rowdy group could be seen shouting at the top of their voices urging journalists to go and interview the family of Ishmael Amuli.

Ishmael Amuli and his family, who are in charge of the burial, have asked the media not to come close to the proceedings, in line with Muslim customs.

The rowdy group was shouting at Moana ‘s step mother who raised her since when was a two year old.

They could be heard heckling her saying she is burying someone else’ s child.

The body of Moana, is being carried from the funeral palour to the the cemetery where she will be buried.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.

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