Ishmael Amuli, father of the late Mitchelle Amuli says he looked after Moana since she was a toddler and does not know the name Moana.

He said her mother,  Yolanda Kuvawonga, was living in South Africa for a long time and only came back recently.

Amuli said Moana had been married to a man who lived in Borrowdale Brooke before she left him and went to South Africa.

He revealed that when Moana last came to his house 3 years ago, he begged her on his knees to go back to her husband and stop following evil spirits.

Amuli explained how he took Moana as a toddler from her Aunt while her mother, Yolanda Kuvawonga, was married to another man.

Amuli said after she left him, Yolanda lived with Mr Gudza, who was her late aunt’s husband. She said her family had asked Yolanda to take the place of her aunt, who had died and she told him she was now Gudza’s new wife.

“Her mother left me and moved from one man to another while I took care of my daughter”, added Amuli.

Amuli further revealed pictures of her daughter that he took while he was staying with her.

He further added that Moana’s mother, Yolanda Kuvawonga, did not tell him about her daughter’s life .

“Ndatonzwa nhasi izvozvi panotaurwa Kuti anga achida kuroorwa kuSouth Africa, angaisa ring baba vake asinga zive”. He added : ” Zvaitwa namai wutsinye wakaita sei woo? Vanoda kutora mwana vaasina kumborera”.

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