Prophet Bushiri, who was this week set free by Malawi courts, delivered his first sermon online last night after he became a free man. This is Bushiri’s second sermon after he arrived in Malawi.

Key Points

  1. On Sunday we will be having the prophetic moments ( 2pm and 6pm)
  2. On Saturday we will be having a steward and pastors meeting
  3. No matter the challenges, God is on the throne
  4. I have been fasting for you and speaking to God for you
  5. Great things and mighty things are about to happen around you
  6. You are about to break through, about to be delivered
  7. The ability to speak with boldness makes the difference to a Christian
  8. God loves you, whether you are saved or not
  9. There are certain things that will never happen even if you pray, you have to say them and say the Lord is my helper.
  10. Remember how God saved you when you were young, all the accidents? God will never forsake you.
  11. Say with boldness, the Lord is my helper.
  12. Never forget to confess and say those words
  13. Never make statements of doubt, of fear
  14. All things you say must be bold
  15. The devil wants you to be shattered to feel scared, to speak fear
  16. It doesn’t matter what people say about you
  17. God is waiting to say those words with boldness
  18. Be bold like a lion
  19. I refuse to speak fear
  20. Nothing will stop me from speaking this gospel with boldness
  21. Speak No weapon formed against me shall prosper
  22. Do not confess fear
  23. You are not of the world nor of the seed of this world
  24. Never speak the word with doubt
  25. I am more than a conqueror
  26. I am rich in Christ Jesus
  27. The devil is a liar
  28. You are what God says you are
  29. You shall not go through what the devil says you will go through
  30. I have seen God delivering, protecting under many circumstances
  31. Do not allow the devil to have a space, you are a shooting star
  32. There is an anointing tonight, breaking every yoke of bondage
  33. Speak words of boldness
  34. You shall have a testimony
  35. God has given me victory, its his victory
  36. In the vocabulary of God there is no death there is ressurection, there is no sickness there is healing…
  37. When you begin to confess his word,
  38. I have seen God’s hands so many times
  39. If you speak his word, declare his word, speak it with boldness
  40. I am a bold servant of the lord and I speak his word with boldness
  41. God is not a man to lie
  42. All his promises are Yes and all his promises are Amen

Please watch the video above this post for more details