Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa this weekend gave a prophecy that the events that are currently taking place in America will eventually affect every person, every nationality on earth.

Key Points

1. There are so many prophecies that are going on out there that are not approved by God.

2. The Americans are rolling out Vaccines a few days after Biden won the elections.

3. People have to understand what has just happened to us.

4. When Obama left, there was some unfinished business in the White house.

5. Biden is the closest person to Obama, he represents Obama.

6. Makandiwa says he heard from God about the events that would unfold and issued the prophecy on 9 April 2017.

7. God sometimes shows a prophet what is going to happen, but tells the prophet not to reveal it.

8. When prophecying, the prophet must also measure the reaction that will come out from the prophecy.

9. There are people who are blaming prophets that said Trump is going to win the elections.

10. Prophetically, it’s not always the winner who becomes the President.

11. There could be something that happens in between that affects the outcome, there is something else that the prophet can not see, a blind spot.

12. The prophet must cover the blind spots with wisdom.

13. You can be a prophet in a dimension in which you are alone, there a different layers – different floors in the same building.

14. Makandiwa says he also searches physically and watches videos of prophecies.

15. People can easily make projections according to information that is available about an election.

16. When analyzing a prophecy, also look at who else is there. Prophecies can be manipulated using backdating techniques.

17. Makandiwa said when he gave his prophecy, he had an audience.

18.The presence of an audience adds to the weight of the prophecy.

19. If Trump fails to get evidence of rigging from the three states, something was done there.

20. If Trump is able to open those three major doors, it will complicate the entry of the new President

21. When Biden gets into office, this is going to affect everyone in many ways.

22. The coronavirus is more than a disease. There is a crowning of a king.

23. Makandiwa will always support a President that is for the good of the people.

24. It’s not that Trump needed to be in the office or is enjoying something in the office.

25. Trump was the only barrier that the system had, blocking events that are about to unfold.

26. There is a universal agenda, a new age that is about to unfold.

27. They sat with him and advised him, but when he went in public, he would resist and take the side of the people.

28. He was the one who would go out there and announce that they have found the cure.

29. How is it that soon after the announcement of the result , there is the new vaccines, which are 90% effective?

30. The system wants to introduce the vaccines to the people.

31. They will control the whole world through the vaccine.

32. They will put a program in the human body, that will cause you to do what they want.

33. Technology will monitor who has been vaccinated and who has not.

34. There was need for an individual to be crowned.

35. There is an introduction of the New World Order.

36, There will be the privitisation of the whole world.

37. Technological people will determine what gets injected into your body.


Please watch the video above this post for more details.