Popular Harare Socialite, Mahwindo, has revealed that many people in Harare did not know that she was Ginimbi ‘s Half Sister (Same mother, different father).

Speaking at his funeral, Mahwindo (real name Wanisai), said she started to live together with Ginimbi and his friend Terence, when she was in the smuggling business.

Mahwindo says at the time, she lived with Ginimbi at Alderbury court, in a Bachelor flat in the Harare CBD. Ginimbi used to work for her smuggling her cigarretes. However, Ginimbi would always spend all the money that they made and would apologise.

In 2004, Mahwindo says she lost her cigarretes after they were confiscated and she had no money.

She had no car and Ginimbi brought his car, a Mazda Cronos, and asked her to share his car with him as a way of helping her.

A funny story was when in 2006, Mahwindo said she had her first child, and Ginimbi came to her house. He said he wanted to test and see if city girls liked man with money or a man with a baby. He made a certain neighborhood girl believe that the baby was his as a way of attracting girl and she fell for it and bought lots of clothes for the baby.

Mahwindo said Ginimbi used her idea to start her business because he had money and he filled a warehouse.

She eventually started working for him at Liquor Boyz Pendenis. When he opened his club, she used to spy for him!

She said Ginimbi was a unite, who brought people from different backgrounds together.

Please watch the video above this post for more details (Shona Language).