Prophet Shepherd Bushiri last night delivered his first sermon since he escaped South Africa last week.

Key Points

  1. If two people shall agree, it shall be done.
  2. Its not just a matter of prayer, its about agreement.
  3. There are certain things in the spirit that we need to agree and then we pray and then God will do that which we want him to do for us.
  4. It shall be done in heaven and it shall be done on earth.
  5. There is power in Agreement
  6. Jesus did not just come on earth, he made a covenant on the cross
  7. Say this statement back to me – I am standing in agreement with you in prayer, that what we shall pray, shall be done on earth and it shall be done in heaven.
  8. As I pray now, there are so many testimonies happening in the spiritual realm.
  9. Read the bible, study, you shall grow in faith
  10. I believe in Miracles, and I will never stop believing God for miracles
  11. No matter the circumstances, God is in control
  12. We don’t go by what we hear, what we see or what we feel.
  13. God will make you walk out, every chain that the devil brings, God will break it.
  14. God has power to break every yoke.
  15. My God will do it, I am a prophet of the most high God.
  16. Forget about how strong the cancer is, the HIV, my God will make you walk out.
  17. I have never seen God losing any battle.
  18. My God is alive.
  19. I believe we have stood in agreement and it shall be done.
  20. If God agrees, we will pray again tomorrow or Wednsday.