H-Metro reports that the families of the late Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Amuli yesterday failed to agree on the way forward regarding her burial, forcing the father Ishmael Amuli and his relatives to drive away from the funeral.

The families failed to agree during a meeting and Amuli and his family packed their belongings and drove off in four vehicles that included a commuter omnibus.

H Metro front page story on the Monna burial issue

When H-Metro asked him about the goings on at the funeral and how the plans were proceeding, he refused to be elaborate.

“Haaaa isu tadzingwa hatina zvatichakwanisa kutaura isu. Zvatombonzi mwana wacho haasi wangu,” he said and walked away before locking himself in a car which whisked him away.

“There is nothing  more for me today. I was told that Moana was not my child”