A group led by retired SANDF General Moamane Motau has made demands to the ANC that foreigners must close their businesses and leave South Africa within 90 days.

The Independent Newspaper reports that the document, titled: ANC TURN-AROUND STRATEGY 2025: CHANGING THE COURSE OF HISTORY, was discussed with the ANC leadership.

Businesses are to employ SA citizens as a national duty. The employment of foreigners is prohibited and should carry heavy penalties.

The following measures must be implemented:

  1. All residents permits to be reviewed
  2. All foreigners, from whatever country and continent, to leave SA within 90 days
  3. Foreign nationals running small businesses such as saloons, spaza shops, mechanics, brick making, construction work, property development and sales, restaurants, General dealers, NGOs, consultancy business, and all other menial jobs should close shop and leave the country within 90 days.
  4. Harboring of foreigners is prohibited and will carry heavy penalties.
  5. It is totally not permitted to lease or hire property to unregistered foreign nationals.
  6. All foreigners and shall comply with the stipulation within 90 days and are warned that failure to do so will lead to arrest. Those arrested will be forced to work for their deportation costs while in prison.
  7. The ANC is controlled by an invisible hand and the leadership is compromised and the only solution is to put the party under administration. A National Task Team is the only credible structure that should take charge of running ANC affairs.

The document has been slammed by business representative and migrant organisations as xenophobic.

Please read the full story in today’s Independent Newspaper – 8 November 2020.