In a Shocking development, popular Socialite, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure died last night in a car accident.

Watch below the last video recorded by Ginimbi as he was leaving home on the night of the crash.

According to Gambakwe Media sources, his luxury Rolls Royce was involved in a head on collision with a Honda Fit and three people died at the scene of the accident.

Hundreds of people gathered to watch the accident scene after news broke out that the popular millionaire was dead.

Mary Chiwenga Arrives At The Accident Scene

The cars caught fire on impact and burnt for hours after the accident.

Ginimbi With The Rolls Royce At His Domboshava Mansion 

The shock death comes after a prophecy by Prophet Advocate Joshua that Ginimbi ‘s life was in danger.

In the prophecy   Prophet Advocate Joshua asked for urgent prayers to be made for Ginimbi within 72 hours. Please watch the prophecy video below:

Ginimbi died in an accident in Borrowdale last night.

Please watch the accident scene below:

Prophet Advocate Joshua said on his Facebook page:

Yes, some denied the power of prophecy but * WAKE UP* and repent *PROPHET ADVOCATE JOSHUA* has stunned the whole world now


The world witnessed Prophet Advocate Joshua giving the prophecy, here it is fulfilled.

Everyone knows it was delivered less than 2 weeks from now.

The prophet said , “i see fire”. Here we are it is reported the car accident caused a fire.

He further stated that Ginimbi has 72 hours to pray because his death is close by.

If there is a man with a gift of all time, it is Prophet Advocate Joshua. He has a rare gift. In Zimbabwe, he is the only distinguished prophet who has given prophecies long before time. He has said this,

“I will never release a prophecy after its fulfilment but before”

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