Popular comedian,  Lazarus Boora (Gringo),  is now bedridden after falling seriously sick again.  Gringo can no longer eat solid foods and is failing to sit upright.

His wife, Netsai Meki , told Zimpapers digital that the popular actor is unable to eat solid foods as he does not have any appetite.

Gringo was last year saved after a medical procedure to untie his intestines that were knotted.

He became well and was able to eat and talk after the operation.

However,  the situation worsened after he moved to his rural home.

Gringo is now back in Harare, where he lives at a rented room in Hatfield with his wife and young kids.

His wife told the newspaper that Gringo needs to see a doctor, but due to lack of money,  they have not seen a doctor for a long time.

She said Doctors require large amounts of up to US$20 for consultation and admission in hospital is up to US$10 per hour.

These amounts are beyond the reach of the family, as Gringo is the main breadwinner and he can not work in his current condition.

Please watch the video above for more details.