Terence Simbi, author of the Book, Zimbabwe, Installing a True Democratic state, says Mnangagwa does not have to be afraid of the return of former G40 members such as Savior Kasukuwere and should allow free and fair contestation within ZANU-PF.

Simbi said if free contestation is not allowed in Zimbabwe, there will be further violent incidents of security threats as different factions attempt to take over.

Simbi said because Kasukuwere and other G40 members used to have security clearances, they have a capacity to organise their own friends in the security forces to go after the current faction in office.

Simbi said the factional fights in 2017 were not allowed to happen in a political way and were solved in a military way and this is the root of all problems in Zimbabwe.

He said political contestations should be allowed. Simbi said by chanting the slogan ED 2023, the space is being closed for other people who may want to contest. This should be stopped and anyone who wants to challenge for the top office should be allowed to do so.

Simbi suggested that before Kasukuwere and other G40 members can safely return come to Zimbabwe, there should be negotiations mediated by countries such as Tanzania or Nigeria.

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