MDC-T Acting President, Thokozani Khupe, yesterday revealed that the late MDC founder , Esaph Mdlongwa, was responsible for  creating the MDC slogan : Tshisa Mpama Tshisa.

Khuphe said Mdlongwa came from South Africa to attend a rally at White City Stadium. HE asked the DJs to play the song Tshisa Mpama. After the song ended, Mdlongwa stood up and led the crowd in chanting the slogan: Tshisa Mpama Tshisa!

Khuphe said Mdlongwa travelled across Zimbabwe mobilizing, resulting in the MDC winning big in their first elections.

Khuphe said The MDC stared contesting elections in 2000 after existing for only 9 months. MDC garnered 57 seats in those elections while ZANU-PF got 62 seats.

Khuphe said the MDC has lost a dedicated cadre and their firstorganing secretary.

She said its not only the MDC that has lost, but the whole of Zimbabwe has lost out.

Khupe consoled the Mdlongwa family and said they must celebrate the life of their father who lived a fruitful life of contribution.

Khuphe said Mdlongwa has gone to join other MDC founders such as Morgan Tsvangirai, Isaac Matongo and Gibson Sibanda.

Please watch the video above for more details.