A South African family, community and the schools of two children, are in mourning, after they died from inhaling a dangerous fumigation gas, from a neighbor’s house.

The neighbor lives four houses away from the Ingram family   who lost their two children.

Matthew and Tammy Ingram

Matthew Ingram (17) and Tammy Ingram (12), passed away four weeks apart after the fateful day, 21 August, when their neighbors fumigated using an unnamed fumigation company.

Matthew Ingram was
on the way to be a Prefect in 2021

The company used a gas called, Methyl bromide,  which experts say is a toxic gas that can penetrate even concrete walls.

After this gas is used, experts say an area should be vacated for 24 hours. However   the fumigation company only told neighbors to vacate who were within two houses and did not think the Ingram house was in danger as it was four houses away.

Westering High School Had a Memorial For Matthew and Tammy which was streamed on YouTube

The parents, Selina and Stanton,  told You Magazine that they went to bed around 8pm and at about 10pm, Tammy woke up her mum complaining of burning eyes, nose and nausea.

The whole family fell sick almost immediately and started throwing up.

The unsuspecting family only went to the hospital after Tammy had a seizure,  hours later and Matthew collapsed.

The children were put into intensive care and unfortunately,  Tammy passed away that night as the Doctors were not aware what had poisoned them and did not know how to treat them.

Matthew passed away after 4 weeks in a coma.

Please read the full story in You Magazine – 22 October 2020