MDC Alliance leader,  Nelson Chamisa,  has denied accusations by State Security Minister,  Owen Ncube, that he is smuggling guns into the country.

Writing on Twitter,  Chamisa said:

Addressing the Media in Harare yesterday, State Security Minister, Owen Ncube, said Chamisa is working with his foreign backers to bring about an unconstitutional change of government in Zimbabwe.

Ncube said the Zimbabwe security services are watching the environment closely and will deal with the threats. Ncube said they are aware that Chamisa is smuggling guns and is doing so with the help of a western country in an operation code-named Operation Lighthouse.

Among those accused of working on the plot include MDC-A, Student Organisations, NGOs
Professional organisations. and G40 elements such as Jonathan Moyo.

Ncube said among the tactics used by the plotters are fake abductions, border blockades and lies that Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are fighting or that Chiwenga is plotting a coup.

Ncube advised Chamisa that anyone who wants to lead Zimbabwe should wait for 2023, He said the only dialogue available at the moment is POLAD.