A spirit medium, Yeukai Chirunga, spoke exclusively to Gambakwe Media on 28 September 2020 about a spiritual Message she received on 25 September 2020.

She revealed a spiritual Message that she received regarding the Skulls of Nehanda and Kaguvi that are currently being kept in British museums.

Yeukai said the spirit told her that the root cause of the problems in Zimbabwe are spiritual, as the Skulls are being used to spirituality block Zimbabwe ‘s progress.

Yeukai said a message on these Skulls need to be sent to Queen Elizabeth, through demonstrations by Zimbabweans. After the demonstrations, a ceremony should be held calling upon the spirits of Chambuka and Nehoreka to lead the Delegation that will go and negotiate for the release of the skulls from Britain.

Yeukai said once the skulls are recovered, the Should be tested to match the bones that are in Zimbabwe by scientists.

Yeukai said once the Skulls are recovered, there will be vast mineral discoveries in Zimbabwe, and people will come from all over the world to exploit to benefit from these vast resources.

Peace will be upon Zimbabwe and even a 16 year old will be able to rule over Zimbabwe.

Yeukai said, however, if the Skulls are not recovered, Zimbabweans will continue to roam aimlessly around the world and there will be bloodshed upon the land.

Please watch the Shona language video above for more details.