Gambakwe media can exclusively reveal that the soldier who was shot at a Chivhu police base is the son of a prominent POLAD member, Innocent Mupanganyama.

Innocent Mupanganyama is in POLAD as a member of ZIPP, although the President of the Party, Blessing Kasiyamhuru is not a member.

Mupanganyama, who goes by the name General Nat Turner, was a key figure during the violent land reform process which took place between 2000 and 2008. However, we could not establish if he is a war veteran.

His Son, Lorance Muanganyama, was a reservist who was deployed in Chivhu as part of the COVID-19 patrol.

Lorance was buried in his rural home with full military honours on 9 September 2020.

Lorance attended Joseph Mupereki Primary School and his rural home is in Mhondoro Ngezi.

Lorance Mupanganyama

Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader, Albert Matapo, speaking exclusively to Gambakwe Media, said it is not legal to deploy armed reservists within the public as Zimbabwe is not in a state of war.

He said Zimbabweans should demand answers and the suspected killers should not have been killed as they were supposed to be questioned.

Matapo said the Zimbabwe Military has a responsibility to make sure that this shooting is properly investigated, and the surviving soldiers should be able to provide more information on the incident.

Matapo said the fact that the soldier was shot after an altercation with a civilian means that he was not properly trained on how to handle the situation or did not have clear orders.