MDC Alliance National Assembly Treasurer, David Coltart, spoke in a wide ranging interview to a right wing South African YouTube channel this week and gave his views on a wide range of subjects.

Coltart told the channel that Mnangagwa is living in fear that when he leaves office, there will be reprisals against him.

Coltart said Mnangagwa was responsible for carrying out Mugabe ‘s brutal orders and him and those in his executive fear prosecution when they leave office.

Coltart said there is a small group of elites that has acquired obsecne wealth and this group wants the current status quo to remain as they fear being dispossessed of their wealth if they lose power.

Coltart said South Africa and the ANC need to step in urgently to help Zimbabweans. Specifically, Coltart said there is need to ensure that conditions are in place for a free and fair 2023 Election.

This requires dialogue between Mnangagwa, the military and Nelson Chamisa, said Coltart.