Borrowdale Community Church Faith Ministries founder, Dr Shingi Munyeza, has slammed Zimbabwe’s main political actors for failing to fulfill their promises.

Dr Munyeza said the opposition in Zimbabwe is as much of a problem as ZANU-PF because they also fail to fulfil their promises and are already looking forward to 2023 elections before fulfiling their promises from the 2018 elections.

Dr Munyeza said elections can not solve the problems in Zimbabwe.

Dr Munyeza said there is a struggle that is going on. Most Zimbabweans feel that the country is going in the wrong direction, however there is an entitlement among the opposition that feels that the struggle for change can only be led by them.

They promise at elections and they fulfill nothing. Both ruling party and opposition. Dr Munyeza said the solutions in Zimbabwe are in the fulfillment of promise by those who make them.


Dr Munyeza said the constituency must admire the values that the leaders stand for.