Justice Siyabona Paul Musithu has reserved judgement in Jacob Ngarivhume’s bail appeal to September 2 after hearing submissions from his legal team.

Ngarivhume added constitutional lawyer Lovemore Madhuku to his legal team.

Speaking outside the courts, Madhuku said bail is a constitutional right, whoever has been accused of committing a crime can be released on bail unless there are compelling reasons.

This comes after the state prosecutor M.Reza said: “If Jacob Ngarivhume is freed on bail and find out that President Mnangagwa is still the President of this country, there will be hell.”

Madhuku said the statements by the state are not compelling enough to keep Ngarivhume in prison therefore he is likely to come out on Monday

Ngarivhume is being charged with inciting the public to commit public violence when they called for protests on July 31.