Democracy Restoration Party President, Brian Mubvumbi said his party will remove Mnangagwa in November. Mubvumi said the situation in Zimbabwe is now beyond political parties. Mubvumbi said all political parties that are not Zimbabweans are welcome to discuss the plan of action.

He said Zimbabweans will demand from ZANU-PF to explain what constitution that they used to remove the colonial government.

Mubvumbi said Zimbabweans are not cowards as they fought bravely in the war of liberation. Mubvumbi said they will add more light than heat in the political arena.

The DRP secretary General, Ernest Kanyeta said young Zimbabweans should stand up and be counted and bring change to Zimbabwe. Kanyeta also encouraged Zimbabweans in the Diapora to actively participate in the affairs of Zimbabwe as this is the only country that they have.