Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that Perence Shiri’s bodyguards and drivers were officially withdrawn before his death.

This resulted in Shiri dying alone in his car when his condition suddenly deteriorated on Tuesday night.

Sources in the Zimbabwe government revealed that Shiri was alone at home when he died because his bodyguards and drivers were removed from him and were prohibited from assisting him.


Family members that spoke to Gambakwe Media on condition of anonymity confirmed that the family does not accept the official position that Shiri died of Coronavirus.

The family suspects that Shiri was killed by his ZANU PF enemies.

Who poisoned Shiri?

Sources in the Zimbabwe Government revealed that Shiri was not poisoned by the Mnangagwa faction, but by the faction that wants to take over from Mnangagwa.

This is because Shiri was senior to General Chiwenga and in case of Mnangagwa ‘s Removal, Shiri would have been next in line to take over instead of General Chiwenga.

This was not the desirable outcome for the faction that wants Mnangagwa removed.

Key Questions

– Why was Shiri Alone at home?

– Who ordered the Bodyguards to be removed


Newsday reported that Shiri died on Wednesday morning while being taken to a Chinese facility for treatment of suspected COVID-19.

His family said he died after severe vomiting and was showing symptoms consistent with food poisoning

They also said doctors who initially attended to him also suspected food poisoning.

Family spokesperson Benjamin Chikerema (Junior), however, said they would be guided by postmortem results.

The newspaper reported that Shiri died alone in his vehicle and tried calling his close associate, independent MP for Norton, Temba Mliswa and his Agriculture secretary John Bhasera to drive him to hospital.

Both Mliswa and Bhasera were not immediately available for comment.

Sources told Newsday that  Shiri started showing serious signs of sickness on Thursday when some directors had to wait for him while he slept for four hours in his office at a time they were supposed to be in a meeting.

He reportedly visited a doctor, but his condition deteriorated on Monday, a day after his driver was buried.

The Lands ministry head office was closed on Tuesday when Shiri’s condition worsened.