A convicted Zimbabwean Serial killer who went to work in Zambia says he was initiated into the Satanic Cult by Nigerians after they saw potential in him.

In an interview with Tete Tilda, The man identified as Nduna said that he was a painter in Zambia until he met up with Nigerian men who gave him a job to paint their Lodges and soon after he visited their house.

When they got to the house he said that he was led to a room where there was a portrait picture of a person but the person in the picture could move his eyes.

As he was still astonished at the picture, Nduna said that the men brought to him three bowls of blood and told him to drink from one of the bowls.

Nduna said that he tried to run but then the men held him by force and one of them pulled out a staff and hit him on the head and this made him calm down and he drank the blood from one of the bowls.

From there Nduna said the men changed his name to Jack and told him that he had been initiated into an anti christ cult that required him to kill people and make sacrifices to make money.

Nduna said that he sometimes thought of running away but most of the time he enjoyed being with them.

Nduna says he then started going around murdering people using the spiritual powers he had acquired from the Nigerian men until he was caught and convicted of multiple counts of Murder.