Kennedy Mandaza, ZANU-PF South Africa Spokesman, has invited Diaspora Zimbabweans to benefit from opportunities in their home country.

Mandaza said ZANU-PF is open to anyone who wants to support development in the country and said his party is the best foot forward. Mandaza said ZANU-PF is the only political party in the country with the right ideological foundation.


Mandaza said ZANU-PF does not fish from their own pool, but also from outside. Anyone interested in joining ZANU-PF to support the development of the party is welcome. Mandaza said President Mnangagwa has said let bygones be bygones and everyone should come and work for the development of Zimbabwe.

Mandaza said ZANU-PF has in the past recruited technocrats such as Prof Jonathan Moyo, Nkosana Moyo and Mthuli Ncube and similar opportunities are still available for Diapora Zimbabweans who want to be leaders in the party and government.


Mandaza said ZANU-PF has been going through a restructuring and a number of Diapora Zimbabweans are already leading directorates in the party.

Investment Opportunities

Mandaza said ZANU-PF has a portfolio that deals with investments and also with Agriculture which are at the Head Office in Harare.

Mandaza said in Zimbabwe there is ZEDA, a one stop shop where investors who want to invest can go through.

ZANU-PF In South Africa

Mandaza said ZANU-PF has branches in Johannesburg and in the Western Cape and if one joins in South Africa, they will automatically be allocated an electronic card and will also automatically be added to the ZANU-PF database in Zimbabwe.

History of ZANU-PF

Mandaza said the youths are the vanguard of the party and the future lies in their hands. Mandaza said ZANU-PF is desirous of a youth that patriotic, has a good sense of belonging, is industrious and is prepared to defend its legacy.

Mandaza says ZANU-PF wants the youths to be owners of the means of production and has availed empowerment opportunities in each sector.

Mandaza said there is a vigorous implementation of the 50-50 representation of the youths in all positions.

Young People Misunderstanding ZANU-PF

Mandaza said there is various misinformation and misconception about ZANU-PF because of the various unreliable sources of information. Mandaza said the history books in Zimbabwe has also not been properly taught in Zimbabwe.

He said there are various gaps in the understanding of ZANU-PF among the youth that need to be filled.

Performance since 1980

Mandaza said confidence in ZANU-PF can be developed if they are part of ZANU-PF. This will enable them to understand where the part is coming from and is going.