In June 2020 the Zimbabwean CID police launched a man hunt to look for 13 of the most wanted criminals in Zimbabwe who have committed a series of armed robberies and skipped bail in Harare.

The robbers names are: Prince Makodza, Liberty Mupamhanga, Godfrey Mupamhanga, Decide Rice, Gerald Chiro, Prince Zakeo, Wonder Amidu, Godfrey Josi, Ernest Temai Vumbunu, George Munyaradzi Muchanyangwa, Fanuel Chikadaya, Peter Mushipe and Edward Matinyenya.

One of the robbers Prince Makodza is one of the suspected individuals who robbed a businessman of US$100 000 in the disguise of a Zimbabwe Police regalia.

Makodza is a notorious criminal that has been in and out of jail but has managed to successfully apply for bail from the high court and he was also among a gang that blasted a safe of another company and escaped with US$55 000.

In the incident that resulted in the stabbing of a security guard Makodza was in the company of Liberty Mupamanga, Aron Majiyiwa, Munyaradzi Chikarara, Vincent Kapalasa and Taurayi Dzingai.

The gang has also committed other crimes with Makodza seemingly the leader, when they broke into a church leaving with US$ 30 000 and also robbed a total Garage of US$ 8 000.