In 2004 Zimbabwe witnessed an Urban Grooves movement with two of the greatest albums to ever come out of the music industry which was Chamhembe Volume 1 in the same year and Chamhembe Plus in 2005.

Stunner, being among the most Consistent artists to date, he revealed some of the highs and lows on his rise to stardom and his entrance into the music industry.

Before venturing into music, Stunner said he was a Motor Mechanic Student at Harare Polytechnic College and he says that when he started music and performing at Achipelago Night Club, his life changed.

Besides the music, Stunner says that he had a phone call with a friend at a phone shop and from there they got into fashion and sold it at Archies Night Club.

Stunner said that Delani Makhalima had a Studio near the phone shop and he would meet stars of the time like Roy and Royce and the others who featured in the 2002 Classic compilation titled The Future and started selling his clothes to some of the guys.

He said that in 2004 When Chamhembe was created he then followed his clients there and started supplying his fashion designer wear to them.

The producers failed to pay Stunner for his clothes and then asked to be recorded so as to settle the bill and that is when he recorded his first hit song Rudo re Mari with ExQ.

Stunner attributed his rise to fame partly to Mudiwa whom he sent to collect the CD for Rudo RweMari from Chamhembe and delivered it to Power FM in Gweru.

From that time Stunner says that his rise was because of hard work and consistency and said that at some point in time he had to sleep at a local school while ExQ and other top notch stars slept in a hotel before a performance.