Dr Ian Ndlovu of the Baptist Ministries gave a prayer at ED Mnangagwa’s National Day Of Prayer which Prophet Nathan Humbryd said has Angered God.

Here is a summary of the devotion:

I honor and acknowledge our Lord and creator Jesus Christ who saved us from our sins.

This morning I acknowledge His excellence the President, Dr ED Mnangagwa the first lady and our two vice Presidency and the entire leadership of Zimbabwe.

I declare and honor God the father as the owner of Zimbabwe.

I take it as an honor to be able to share the devotions for the resolution of socio-economic problems.

There are three critical things we need to take note of:

If God causes a calamity, what is needed is for us to seek forgiveness.

  • We must turn from our wickedness – God will never ignore a repenting person
  • God will ensure that the Coronavirus will not exterminate Zimbabwe

The matter of repentance is key to National revival

Note: Prophet Nathan Humbryd says Dr Ian Ndlovu should not have attended this meeting as Mnangagwa did not confess his sins.