Africans are found in almost every part of the world due to slavery by the whites during the 15th century while some Africans have been moving in search of greener pastures.

Below is a list of countries with the highest African Population.


Brazil tops the list with 82 million black people, an estimated five million Africans were brought to Brazil during slave trade, Blacks are denied the right to better education in the country, right to higher positions or right to appear on TV as news anchors.


United States of America is home to at least 42 million Africans, 14% of the country’s population majority are descendants of African taken during the Atlantic slave trade. Despite racial discrimination in America, many Africans go to America for greener pastures.


Haiti found in the Caribbean constitutes of eleven million Africans, 95% of the country’s population. The majority of blacks in Haiti are descendants of slaves brought to the island by the Spanish.


Colombia has 5.5 million Africans, 11% of the country’s population. Afro-Colombians have influenced the country’s art, music and dressing. Africans are present in a every major city in the country. Over one million Africans were brought by the Spanish in 1500 during slavery.


France houses five million Africans, eight % of the country’s population. France continues to interfere in the life of its colonies making life unbearable.


Venezuela constitutes of more than 3.5 million Africans which is 5% of the country’s population. There is little to no discrimination of Africans in Venezuela.


Jamaica has a total of more than 2.9million afro Jamaicans which is 92 % of the population. Most Africans in Jamaica where taken from Ghana by the British to work in the sugar plantations.