Dr Maji Marefu Mashakada says Hwende is peddling lies and falsehoods that him and Hon Paurina Mpariwa were fired by the National Standing Committee.

In a Press statement Dr Maji- Marefu Mashakada said the MDC project is collapsing because of Charlton Hwende who is constantly personalising the committee and saying the others are just passengers in other people’s bus.

He said the current Standing Committee is full of many tormented souls as people are mistreated and many of them are suffering in silence.

Mashakada says he quit and Charlton Hwende removed him from National Standing Committee and National Executive internal WhatsApp Groups.

Mashakada says he is joining forces with the people who are committed to protecting, defending, promoting and advancing the Morgan Tsvangirai legacy.

He said that Hwende had organized a group of thugs with instructions to assault him if he decides to come anywhere near the meeting.