Famous Zimbabwean socialite Tete Tilda who is known for her late night show on Radio, Tete Tilda says she was once chocked by a ghost when she was in High School.

Tete Tilda said that when she was at a boarding school where she did her High school they would always hear footsteps walking outside their dormitories on the corridor.

She said that that they would hear footsteps but see nobody and these footsteps would proceed to come into their dormitory and just stand beside someone’s bed.

One day the footsteps came and stopped at Tilda’s bed and everyone in the room was screaming telling Tilda that the ghost was at her bed but she was silent.

She says that she heard the footsteps stop at her bed and felt the presence of a spirit before she felt like she was being chocked and therefor could not speak out.

After she was released that is when she screamed and everyone in that room came out the room running and screaming.